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Here you find our complete service offer to ease your daily challenges

Together with the bioprosess experts of Applikon we can give you advice on basic or advanced process optimization questions involving process scale-up, aeration, mixing, temperature, pH and Dissolved Oxygen control and other process controller settings. 

The Applikon in-house laboratory is equipped to run cultures and mimic your process conditions to be able to advise you based on

hands-on experience. We come to you to help improve your current workflow and bio-processes or even set-up complete new ones. 

Please contact us and we will be your partner.

All Applikon equipment is tested thoroughly throughout the manufacturing process. During the in-house verification processes at Applikon they perform comprehensive tests on all Applikon equipment. All quality documentation is supplied with our systems. On site, Resea Biotec is installing your equipment and does the commissioning as well as the training. 



The quality documentation is setup in such a way that it is ready to use for your validation and qualification process. Tailored to your requirements we can assist with Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT), commissioning, Site Acceptance Test (SAT), IV/OV. 



Applikon brings over 40 years of experience with cGMP and EUDRALEX in verification, validation and qualification. Totgether with Applikon we can assist you from the start of your project and we can assist in defining your requirements. 



It will make your life easier knowing that our experts in the bioreactor field have defined your URS so no detail is overlooked and all specifications are realistic and achievable.

All Applikon equipment is guaranteed for one year after delivery against defective materials and workmanship. All component parts of our products are covered by this warranty, except for normal consumable items such as glassware, sensors, O-rings and gaskets etc. Warranties are also voided by unauthorized disassembly of equipment.


Our trained service technicians support you with fast and reliable service and support when ever you need it. 

Applikon and Resea Biotec are happy to extend our warranty for an additional 4 years when we are sure the equipment is well maintained by an Applikon factory trained service technician. 


We can offer you our 5 Year Service Plan with following features:


  • The 1 year standard warranty from delivery date is extended with an additional 4 years, bringing the total warranty period to up to 5 years.
  • Within this service plan an Applikon factory trained service technician will visit your site one year after installation and 3 successive years to perform a Preventive Maintenance.
  • During this Preventive Maintenance visit the equipment is inspected and wear and tear parts are replaced. Calibration of sensor inputs is verified, mass flow controllers (if present) and electronics are checked for accuracy.
  • Travel-, working hours and parts used for Preventive Maintenance are included. Software and firmware updates are included to give you access to all the extra functionality that we develop over time.
  • 20% discounted rate for Applikon organized training and seminars as a bonus.
  • Precedency with all Service requests.
  • We will assist you in unpacking the equipment and verifying that all components are in the right condition after shipping and storage. After this initial inspection we will assist in installing the equipment in the designated location. We can assist in connecting the systems to the site utilities and verifying that the utilities are of the right quality. After connecting the equipment, the installation inspection will be done. This inspection will make sure that the systems are properly placed, well connected and are ready to go. Following this is a functionality test to show that the system performs as specified when ordered.
  • When you need to relocate your bioreactor system, our after sales support team can assist you with this. Your advantage is that the relocation will be done with a minimum of down time and once relocated your equipment is tested and ready to go. Our de-& re- commissioning service includes, access check, utilities check, customer regulations check, siting assistance, verification
    of and connecting to connections utilities, functionality tests and start up test procedures. Of course all these actions are fully documented to keep your system in a validatable situation.
  • With our service plans, your bioreactors will last for many years. After many years of use, you may want to consider a controller upgrade to make use of new electronic and software functionality. We can offer different solutions for this. Options are: Controller replacement, Actuator replacement/upgrades, Sensor replacement/upgrades. These replacements offer an upgraded and updated bioreactor system that is ready to go for a number of years. Upgrades can be done in our factory or at your site.
    Contact us for details and options.

Applikon equipment is manufactured to the highest standards using carefully selected quality components. To ensure a long, trouble free life of your bioreactor, we recommend a regular annual service check as a preventive rather than any corrective procedure.

  • Preventive Maintenance: A complete annual service check of all components, performed by an Applikon factory trained service technician, complete with calibration checks and functionality tests for the bioreactor, its control system and its software. All tests are documented to provide you and us with a service history of your bioreactor. For all Applikon equipment we have a “fixed price” for an on-demand Preventive Maintenance.

  • Software Support: We will assist you in writing advanced control statements and developing control recipes for your processes. This will allow you to make optimal use of your bioreactor system and will give you better results in a shorter time.

  • Non-Applikon Equipment Support: We are willing to service non-Applikon bioreactor systems when possible. When you need high quality, fast and knowledgeable support to get the most out of your bioreactor systems, talk to us we are able to assist you.

If there is any need of service or support – whether you see it mentioned here or not –  please get in contact with us!


We are the certified service provider of Applikon Biotechnology in Switzerland!


Our Support:

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  • Quality & Compliance
  • Standard Service
  • Extended Warranties
  • Installation, Relocation and Retrofitting Services
  • On-Demand Service
  • Applikon Academy Training

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