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Well-trained scientists, operators, and engineers make sure that our systems are fully exploited. In our vision, training and instruction on how to handle our scientific equipment to make optimal use of its capabilities is not a one-time occurrence, but needs to be repeated on a regular basis. 


That’s why we created a curriculum that can fit your needs. This ranges from educational hands-on and theoretical “Fermentation & Cultivation” sessions, to advanced SCADA/PIMS software training. 


Applikons team of bio-process experts is ready to give you advice on basic or advanced process optimization questions, including process scale-up, aeration, mixing, temperature, pH and Dissolved Oxygen control, plus other process controller settings. The in-house laboratory is equipped to run cultures and mimic your process conditions so that recommendations can be drawn up for you based on hands-on experience. Through our Workflow Optimization Assessment we can even design training programs for your employees as well as put together a curriculum for you.


Training can also be held at your facility for a private training session, or in a central location near you for general access. Customized training can be organized on demand, focusing on your specific process challenges. You can ask us to come to you to help improve your current workflow and bio-processes or even set-up completely new ones. Please contact us and we will be glad to act as your partner.

Training courses available now!

  • Basic Cultivation course
  • Advanced Cultivation course
  • Scale-down and Screening Methods
  • Advanced Process Control training
  • Basic Lucullus PIMS training
  • Advanced Lucullus PIMS training


We are the certified service provider of Applikon Biotechnology in Switzerland!


Our Support:

  • Workflow Optimization & Application Support
  • Quality & Compliance
  • Standard Service
  • Extended Warranties
  • Installation, Relocation and Retrofitting Services
  • On-Demand Service
  • Applikon Academy Training

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