Lucullus PIMS software allows the user to monitor and control bioprocesses and offers an extensive toolbox for analyzing process data cross platforms. Process information can be generated based on data generated in different brands of bioreactor types and wide range of different cultivation volumes.
The software includes functionality for Design of Experiments, Reactor Planning, Media Preparation and Tracking, Parallel Processing, SCADA, Data Mining and Batch Reporting. The combination of the software with the broad range of Applikon Bioreactor Systems offer the user a unique system for validatable fast track development and basic research. The ever increasing amount of process data generated by more sensors in smaller parallel bioreactor systems needs advanced software to turn this data into useful information. Lucullus PIMS offers a new dimension in data processing. Data management and data analysis is key for the future of R&D and process development in pharmaceutical industry.


  • Design of Experiments
  • Reactor Planning
  • Media Preparation and Tracking
  • Parallel Processing
  • Data Mining
  • Batch Reporting

From Idea to Report – One Software Solution 

Idea & Recipe

Make your process idea come true with an intuitive tool to create your process control strategy (recipe)


  • Define a Step Chain, which is a programming language, based on the user process that allows the user to define different flows of execution with looping, branching and computation of variables.
  • Specifying the reactor and devices to be used in the recipe.
  • Integrate alarms in the recipe ( Notification, Email, and SMS alarms)


Define everything in advance with an intuitive workflow to start the processes later with minimal effort


  • Plan recipes using an intuitive workflow
  • Define process parameters by integrating the design of your experiment (as well as DOE)
  • Schedule and allocate bioreactors in the labs (Calendar)
  • Manage samples efficiently (apply sampling strategies, define methods and prepare tubes, for instance by printing labels)
  • Sample interactively during execution (reminder, information, exact timing of stamps/volumes)
  • Retrieve data automatically from at-line analyzers using barcodes (E.g. Vicell, Nova pHOx, Nova Flex and etc.)  
  • Assign media/feeds to be used and initiate preparation process


Media preparation, storage and component trace-ability and media optimization


  • Exercise advanced management of compound and ingredient storage
  • Create Lots from recipes (generate and print barcode label)
  • Monitor usage of compounds from storage
  • Automate the media kitchen (pH meter, scales, etc.)
  • Select Lots at process start (use barcode scanner)
  • Optimize media


Execute and monitor operations which were previously defined in earlier steps


  • Run a process based on a recipe or a planned process
  • Facilitate the simultaneous launch and monitoring of several bioreactors
  • Log data from a single and multiple bioreactors in parallel
  • Store process data permanently
  • Compare different processes simultaneously
  • Evaluate running processes via graphs and tables
  • Create a visualization of the hardware and its port configuration (PnI Diagram)


Turn data into useful information with a wide range of evaluation components:

  • Visualize data extracted from the database holding historical data
  • Create and export graphs and tables
  • Define an evaluation sequence
  • Compare different processes with overlay graphs
  • Evaluate processes using graphs and tables
  • Generate batch reports automatically

    Lucullus PIMS


      Lucullus PIMS
      Facts and Figures


      • Research and process development applications
      • Screening
      • Small scale production
      • Mamallian cell cultivations
      • Microbial cultures


      Lucullus Architecture:

      • Stand alone edition
      • Client server edition
      • Enterprise edition



      Cultivation Volumes:


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