Curious about who we are?

We are a strong team consisting of people with different backgrounds. Thanks to our interdisciplinary structure, we can offer our clients the all-round service they deserve. But who are we actually? Our employees introduce themselves. 

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Nina Steiger

After my education as a druggist, I studied biotechnology in Wädenswil. During my studies I specialised in cell culture and process engineering. 

After graduation, I got the opportunity to continue working at the university in the field of cell culture and process engineering and to do research for smaller and larger biotech companies in Switzerland. In addition, I was involved in teaching and training students and was able to build up further experience as a laboratory manager. Besides, I completed a Master of Advanced Studies in economic engineering and built up skills in sales, project management and business administration.

In 2015, I got the chance to switch to sales and application support for Applikon products. Since 2020, I am responsible for sales and management at Resea Biotec. 

I live in the countryside with my husband and enjoy spending time with  family and friends. I am a comitted member of different samller associations and clubs and volunteer to organise local events. I like to travel and I love discovering the world – whether by sailboat, on skis, by bike, or whatever gets me from A to B. 


Here you find a video with more information about me!

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Dani Sigrist

After my education as a machine engineer, my professional career took me to the field of specialised machine construction. Working as a service engineer, I was on the road in Europe and North America. I took up an interesting opportunity and spent 10 years in the USA, where I spent most of my time on the road. In order to have a better quality of life again, I ended my stay abroad.


Back in Switzerland, I worked as a project manager for a long time and was able to maintain and use my connections in the USA.
My training as a technical salesman and sales manager led me into the very interesting but also demanding service sector. Health problems forced me to reconsider and realign my career and private life.


Since 2014, I have been working with Applikon products and taking care of servicing the equipment of our clients in Switzerland. Since 2020, I am co-owner of Resea Biotec GmbH and responsible for service and management tasks. 


In my private life we have our little “farm” with horse, donkey, pony, dog, cats, geese and chickens. Our family, good friends and a great job offer me the perfect “work – life balance”.


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Anita Ruppanner Sigrist

After my education as a chemical laboratory technician, I spent many years as a mother. To bring some extra sparkle to these years, I completed various further education and training courses in the social and diaconal field during this time. Since my interests are manifold, I have always looked for new challenges and enjoyed taking them on. This also included working as a service technician at Resea Biotec. Since 2016, I have been working 20% part time in this function and I enjoy this work and the new contacts it has brought me.

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Michel Rentsch

My name is Michele Rentsch and I am a service engineer at Resea Biotec. After my education as a polymechanic, I did the Higher Education in Automation.

I have been working at Resea Biotec since autumn 2021 and I am just getting to know the exciting world of the biotech industry. In the past, I worked for several years in the field of mechanics and electrics and thus got the necessary skills for the tasks as a service engineer at Resea Biotec.

In my private time, I like to go to the mountains, either for hiking or just to enjoy the freedom. 


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