Lucullus PIMS 3.10.5 released

We are pleased to inform you that the new Lucullus PIMS version 3.10.5 has been released. This last update has brought new functionalities with an emphasis on quicker and simpler user experience. Please find here a detailed description of Lucullus PIMS version 3.10.5. 

In this document, you will find the new features and improvements as listed below:

  1. Redesign and improvement on Operation Tool
  2. Improvement on the definition of local process parameters
  3. Improvement Manual user interaction steps
  4. Step Chain improvements
  5. New Planning Workflow on the Planning tool
  6. Execution Monitor replaces single-process Online Tool
  7. Improvement Reporting and Event Format
  8. Improvement System Administration tool
  9. Additional hardware devices supported

Some important changes before upgrading to version 3.10.5 :

  • Starting with version 3.6, the Execution Monitor for parallel process execution was first introduced as the “MR-Interface” with the goal to phase out the single-process Online Tool. Version 3.10 is now the first version without the former Online Tool. Processes will now be executed and monitored exclusively through Execution Monitor. (more details in the attached document).
  • The Operation Tool received a makeover, simplifying its structure and usability. The different elements of the process control design follow a structured workflow like the one in the Planning tool.(more details in the attached document).